KMS Baseball 4-2-2014

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The day after April 1st and I’m sitting here thinking about last week in baseball.

We finished third in the Chinle Invitational baseball tournament last weekend.  I guess that’s better than fourth-place, but it’s not first or second.

We did get some good news this week on the baseball team.  to the boys who quit to play club basketball have asked to return to the team  and the team vote them back on.  The one boy who was gone because of a family emergency has returned  as well.  Now all we need is the boy with an ankle injury to return.

I’m serving a three-game suspension  for  saying something that I should not have said  and that’s all I’m going to say about that subject.

Today we play Ganado in this weekend  we host the KMS Tournament.  

Coach Lake





KMS Baseball 3/27/14

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Adversity can break you or it can bring a team together.

We have lots of adversity and challenges right now.

Two starters quit to play club basketball. One starter is out with an ankle injury for 3 weeks playing basketball.

A fourth starter has a death in the family and will miss the games this week.

We plug holes and move people around searching for the best lineup that will bring both offensive and defensive consistency.

We have a game today in Chinle rescheduled from yesterday and I’m in Santa Fe today and tomorrow. I found out yesterday the tournament scheduled for Saturday is being split between Friday and Saturday so I’ll miss more games as well. This is not a good week for the coach.

We play regular league games next Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and then a tournament on Friday and Saturday.  

Adversity; it will either end our season or bring us together. We’ll know the answer in the next ten days.

Coach Lake

KMS Colts Baseball 3-21-14

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We finally played a baseball game on Thursday. Image

Final score, KMS 13 Hopi 3. Yeah!

The team played well. The final score was not as close as the score indicated. We were 6-0 at the end of the first inning and 10 to 1 after two innings. We played three endings with the final score being 13-3.

Long bus rides,  I hate them.  We were gone for almost 11 hours yesterday.  We left at 1 o’clock and got back  at 11:20.  By the time I took a shower  and decompressed it was after 12 o’clock.  I I wasn’t happy when the alarm went off at 6. 

Now it’s the weekend and I’m driving to Tempe.  On Sunday my sister Sandy and her husband John celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.  Monday I have an appointment with the cardiologist to go over the results of the echocardiogram.

Monday we have a game against Tuba City Public School and Wednesday we play Chinle.  a week from Saturday we play a tournament in Chinle.

Coach Lake



KMS Baseball 3-14-14

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KMS Colts

I feel like somebody yelled time out in my life and then imposed a bunch of penalties.

Good news; my shortstop has been released from the hospital and is now recuperating at home.

Bad news; my catcher turned in his uniform. WOW! His departure definitely hurts the team.  

We practiced over spring break and made some incredible progress. Half the team showed up and we scrimmaged and talked about scenarios before every play. The new kids know so much more about baseball now.

Today our equipment was released and so we have catching equipment, bats and balls for our first game on Monday.

Play Ball! What a great sound.

Coach Lake

KMS Baseball, March 2, 2014

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What a difference a few days make.  Last week was all about baseball and now we are talking about health issues. One of my ballplayers was diagnosed with hantavirus. He’s in an Albuquerque ICU and in stable condition.

My baseball equipment has been embargoed.  it’s hard to play baseball without any balls, bats, or catching equipment.  Anyplace there are mice is a possible  breeding ground for the virus and my baseball equipment is in a storage room..

This issue is not going away over night. We have two games scheduled this week,  Wednesday against Hopi, and Thursday against Shonto.  So,  the week is up in the air and we will see how it ends.  Hopefully we finish with two wins and some new equipment.

Coach Lake


KMS baseball, February 26, 2014

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  • The weather was simply fantastic today.  Very little wind,  lots of sunshine,  and everybody was in a good mood.

    I watch film of batting practice  with sixth and seventh graders and coach Hale let the eighth-graders scrimmage.

  • It was during today’s scrimmage  that we had a first occur. Treavore Russell hit a home run, straightaway center, 255 feet away.

This was the first home run I’ve witnessed in two years as coach at KMS.
That’s all tonight, rain in the forecast for the next few days. We really need the practice because our first game is less than a week away.
Coach Lake

KMS baseball February 25, 2014

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Today was an interesting day.  The eighth-graders stayed in my room and we watched  film of their batting practice yesterday.  We also watched a YouTube video  on proper batting technique.

After critiquing the batting we went outside  and ran a mile,  the boys were overjoyed!  we talked about leadership,  our goals as a team,  and what we expected for the season .

I filmed the sixth and seventh graders taking batting practice.  Tomorrow the seventh  and sixth graders will watch their batting practice session in my room.

Our baseball schedule came out today.  We have three tournaments to play including our own.  we have nine league games and including tournament play;  we should play about 22 games.

 Any day you get to play baseball  is a good day!

Coach Lake